Friday, February 3, 2017

The Guest House of Milwaukee Endeavors to Help the Homeless

After graduating with an MD from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Steven Armus went on to a medical career in Racine, Wisconsin. Currently working as a prairie restoration consultant, Steven Armus also donates to the Guest House of Milwaukee.

The Guest House of Milwaukee had its beginning in 1981, when increasing numbers of homeless residents caused Milwaukee's Central City Churches to push for a neighborhood solution to the problem. The county government made an old emergency room lobby available for a shelter. In 2015, the Guest House added 8,000 square feet to its facility including a modern commercial kitchen with more dorm and restroom space. 

Despite the progress made in serving the disadvantaged, there are still approximately 1,500 individuals homeless every night in the city, while there are only about 1,000 available beds. Of these homeless men, 39 percent suffer from some form of mental illness, and 20 percent are veterans.

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