Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica

Serving Native Prairie Restoration in Franksville, Wisconsin, as a prairie technician and environmental biologist, Steven Armus enjoys the outdoors. Away from his professional work, Steven Armus takes tarpon fishing to Costa Rica. 

Also called The Silver King, tarpon can grow over 7 feet long, weigh over 300 pounds, and live in both fresh water and saltwater. While very difficult to hook, and even harder to hold onto, they are often caught as trophy fish, as they aren't usually eaten. When hooked, a tarpon will almost always thrash around, making reeling it in extremely difficult. 

In Costa Rica, the Rio Colorado on the northern coast is one of the most notable destinations in the world for tarpon fishing. Tarpon are most commonly caught in the dry months, from January until May. However, the seas in January and February can often be rough and unpredictable, while March brings smooth waters and overall favorable conditions.

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