Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Process to Starting a Community Garden in Milwaukee

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Steven Armus serves Dermatology Consultants of Wisconsin as physician and owner. An environmentalist, Steven Armus also owns Native Prairie Restoration and is actively involved in community gardens in the Milwaukee area.

The city of Milwaukee defines community gardens as land that is used to grow plants. Community gardens, which can be operated by public entities, nonprofit organizations, or individuals, often engage in composting as well as the sale of produce they grow.

Starting a community garden in Milwaukee is a multi-step process. Initially, a permit must be obtained from environmental nonprofit Groundwork Milwaukee by filing an application, which is later sent to the appropriate alderperson for approval or denial. Applicants are advised to reach out to their alderperson early in the process to make them aware of the proposed garden. If approved, city staff will then provide a seasonal garden license, and if rejected, the city will notify the applicant. 

Detailed information on the process can be found at

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